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Welcome to Liquid Information


I believe that the written word is a fundamental unit of knowledge and it therefore the richer we interact with the written word, the richer we interact with our knowledge and each-other. Even in a world of 4k video and interactive 3D, text matters. Deeply. This is why I have developed two interactive text systems:




Liquid | Author


Taking inspiration from the power of the work of Doug Engelbart and appreciating the visual simplicity afforded by OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, the goal of Liquid | Author is to provide a solid word processor interaction, primarily for academic writing and reading:





Liquid | Info


Liquid | Info works as a system enhancement for OS X, making all the text in pretty much all OS X applications richly interactive:






Liquid | Dialogue


Liquid | Dialogue is an exploration into how software systems might support better dialogue online. This is NOT an active software project at this stage:





This is the beginning, I hope you will join me and give me valued feedback for the journey ahead. I appreciate your time and perspective.




Frode Hegland

London, UK


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