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Welcome to Liquid Information, where the aim is to build software to support ever deeper literacy.





Deep Literacy


Deep literacy is a product of continued improvement of how we we use our information tools and of how we improve those tools.

We can't expect to keep up with the ever increasing information flow if we don't build ever more powerful tools to navigate and interact with the flow-  and to weave our own meaning into it, clearly and credibly.


Liquid focuses on our interaction with text since I believe that the written word is a fundamental unit of knowledge and as such, the richer we interact with text the richer we interact with our knowledge and each other. There is more to information than text, but it's a good place to start.   :-)






I would say that it is not information which is most fundamental, but interactivity.


As such, I very much agree with my friend Ted Nelson that all text should be hypertext. When he coined the term he was not talking about underlined blue links, he was talking about the whole literary environment: Non-sequential writing with free user movement.


The alphabet was one thing when applied to clay or stone, and quite another when set down on light papyrus.

Marshall McLuhan





An important aspect of developing deeper literacy is to improve how we interact with citations - making them quicker and easier to add and more convenient to check when reading.


It is through citations your work enters into the academic discourse, connecting previous work with your own and putting it in context - citations are the very synapses of the academic discourse - it is through citations that explicit connections are shown - so you could say citations are a form of high level academic thought.



The Future of Text


We are living through an amazing period in history, the first and only time our media is becoming digital and we are barely scratching the surface as to what that might mean.


If you are interested in joining us to explore out what the future of text might be, please join us at the annual Future of Text Symposium, started in 2010:





Frode Hegland

London, UK

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Liquid Information is a Deep Literacy initiative