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Writing is an act of persuasion.


From small and insignificant to large and world-changing or something in between. Just like a pop tune’s job is to be a jingle for itself to persuade you to buy it, the written word's function is to persuade you to buy into what it proclaims.


With myriads of perspectives vying for our attention and our agreement it becomes an important necessity for us to to question what we read in an instant - to immediately view the text from other angles, to check quotes and references. The other side of the argument is to augment your ability to write with more credibility.


These are the reasons why I started the Liquid Information Project, which has two components, all designed for macOS:



  • Liquid | Flow is an interactive text tool for all the applications on your Mac, which MacUser called “Revolutionary” and awarded 5/5 Mice. Flow addresses the need to flow through your text with rich freedom of what to do and what to see (available now)



  • Liquid | Author is a minimalist word processor designed to augment your ability to better understand the text and to write with more credibility (in development)
  • Liquid | View is an advanced extension of Author, giving you a richer and deeper understanding of your work (in prototyping and funding stage)
  • Liquid | Glossary is a rich glossary system (proposal)



These projects are components of a push towards Deep Literacy where the power of the user is increased by ever more powerful tools - both digital and mental. If this resonates with you, please try the software, get in touch for a chat or join us at the annual symposium where we discuss ways forward; the Future of Text Symposium.



   Frode Hegland

   London, UK

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There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew ...
Marshall McLuhan


... and we should at least all be able to read the flight manual and contribute to new editions, of this most complex planet with it's most complex crew. We cannot afford to both drown in data and be helpless to contribute usefully.