Liquid | Speech



This will be built as an app for iOS. Audio will be hosted on soundcloud, YouTube and possibly on our own server.




Launch Screen


There are two options on the Launch Screen: Answer Questions and Ask Questions:




Answering Questions


On choosing to Answer Questions the user sees a screen with the text of the question, a button below with 'Record Answer' and 'Done' which returns them to the launch screen.


Tapping 'Record Answer' changes the screen to indicate it is recording (likely simply red dot, though not designed yet) and the 'Record' Answer' button becomes 'Done'.


On clicking 'Done' there will be three new buttons:


  • 'Play Recording' which will play the recording back
  • 'Next Question' which will store the reply (with the User Name and the question as the fiel name) and go to the next question
  • 'Delete & Cancel' takes user to the Launch Screen after a confirmation dialog


The first time a user chooses to answer questions the user will have to fill in information about themselves (this may be a paid upgrade, partly to make money but also to prevent spam with lots of useless or inappropriate answers). This will be a basic field of name, email address (must be verified) and any URL as well as location and a profile picture which will support the looping Photo in iOS 11.


Sample Questions




Asking Questions


To find someone to ask questions the user will need to scroll through a searchable list (first version only). Once a person to ask is chosen, a screen is appears with the persons profile picture and name, followed by a microphone icon which the user can click to ask a question and below that a text entry box which the user can type a question into.


The question text is used to search the audio storage facility for a match to the 'question' plus 'name' in the audio file name.


If there is no match then a line of text appears: "No reply has been recorded to that question yet. Would you like to submit this question for future reply?' with Cancel/OK buttons.


If there is a match then the audio will play and the user can choose to cancel to ask a new question, wait until the recording is done and ask another one or leave/Done.