Liquid | Dialogue


Imagine having the ability to ask questions and get replies in real time via video, even when the person you are asking is not available busy, even if the person is a celebrity with millions of fans or even long dead.


Imagine if the single, thoughtful, personal answer given to one person can be given to as many people who are interested, without taking any more time that what it takes to talk to a single person.


Imagine a student being able to ask the greatest teachers, philosophers, artists or scientists specific questions whenever it suits them, and have replies in vivid video.


Imagine workers in a company being able to do this with each other, helping share the valuable knowledge in the organization.


This is what Liquid | Dialogue provides. The idea is simple: Record short video-answers to questions once and let anyone ask you the question again and see the video.



Use Cases


  • Teacher to students
  • Scientist to students and general population
  • Engineer to students, colleagues and general population
  • Video FAQ  for companies, even on their websites
  • Authors to their readers
  • Colleagues to other colleagues
  • Politicians to the electorate and to each-other
  • Trainers to general population
  • Philosophers to students and general population
  • Everyday people to other everyday people
  • Parent to future older child
  • And all of the above, over the generations





These video replies will be interactive and fun to watch but will also be easily citable as video to appear in documents.



Audio Version Demo Mockup



Please have a look here.



Video Version Demo Mockup


The idea is to implement this first as a website and then later as an app, with all videos stored on YouTube.


The Liquid | Dialogue system just acts as a way to record and post videos with the relevant meta-tags attached and then provide a nice interface (by speaking or typing questions) to search videos stored on YouTube and play them.


Please have a look at a crude presentation of how it might feel:


Asking Questions      Answering Questions



You can also see suggestions for the process and questions:


Simple Set-Up      Sample Initial Question




Implementation Notes


The system will use YouTube to store the videos and SoundCloud to store audio (for the audio version) and other Google Services to store the questions the user has not yet answered.



(Future Directions)


The initial scenario is a 'dialogue' with one person, is based on who that person is.


In the future however, the replies can be based on the question, where you can choose who to get the reply from, based on different criteria, such as popularity or location and so on.


Furthermore, geographic tagging can be used to ask questions about places and the user can then choose who to hear the answer from, about the place they are in at the moment.


And even further away, down the generations we will still have access to a dialogue of sorts with those who have gone before us, a few decades ago, or hundreds of years.