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Welcome to Liquid Information, where my aim is to support ever deeper literacy. I work on this by trying to build ever more liquid information environments through ever richer interactions, primarily with text, through both producing software and hosting The Future of Text Symposium:




macOS Software : Author & Flow


Author is richly interactive word processor and Flow is a powerful text utility:


Liquid | Author

Liquid | Flow




Symposium : The Future of Text


We are living through an amazing period in history, the first and only time our media is becoming digital and we are barely scratching the surface as to what that might mean.


If you are interested in joining us to explore out what the future of text might be, please join us at the annual Future of Text Symposium, which has been going since 2011:


The Future of Text Symposium




Goal : Deep Literacy


The aim of all Liquid Information projects and products is to enhance deep literacy.


Deep literacy is a product of continued improvement of how we we use our information tools and of how we improve those tools.

We can't expect to keep up with the ever increasing information flow if we don't build ever more powerful tools to navigate and interact with the flow-  and to weave our own meaning into it, clearly and credibly. For more on this perspective, please visit the site: The Deep Literacy initiative




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