Liquid Information Environment Overview




The Liquid Information Environment is an open ecosystem supporting the reading and authoring of documents, composed of:


  • Liquid | Author for authoring
    a low-cost commercially available word processing macOS application (The Liquid Information Company)

  • Liquid | Flow for checking and sharing text
    a low-cost commercially available text interaction macOS utility (The Liquid Information Company)

  • Liquid | Glossary for storing document snippets on the web
    a set of basic standards for storing glossary terms as subjects for WordPress articles with rich definitions which are available to create via Flow and viewable in Space

  • Liquid | Space for visual organizing
    an open web application which can import and connect live with graph APIs and applications including TrailMarks, Hypothesis, HyperKnowledge and Author



Process Flow


The process starts with a document someone else has created which the user gathers and learns from, then adds to citable sources if useful enough. The user then organizes their material, authors a new document, re-organizes based on self editing and that of others and finally integrates their new work into the discourse through publishing it as a web article or as a document, usually in the formats of Word or Rich PDF.


In the Liquid Information model, the work store starts with the external document and then moves on to private web documents, such as WordPress, to provide wide and open access to tools for organizing and authoring the resulting work document:







Liquid | Flow is primarily used for checking text while reading but is also useful when authoring and creating glossary terms:


Liquid | Space is the visual organising space for the information stored in the jrnl, Author documents and external citations, data and references:


Liquid | Glossary is a web based ecosystem for creating and storing component parts of documents, including glossary terms but also notes, citations, annotations and media, initially hosted on WordPress:


Liquid | Author is the authoring application for new documents, taking from and contributing to the jrnl WordPress document space:



Liquid | jrnl is a minor component of a series of enhancements for reading on the web, including augmented copy (high resolution addressing & citation ready), ViewSpecs Glossary integration and so on: